Our Story

Welcome to Violet Mesa! My name is Joelle and I have been thinking about this concept for many years but finally put it into action in 2021. In this space, you will find all kinds of handmade and handcrafted goods. At the moment it is just me, but down the road I want to include other artists work and have a store front.

I have always loved making things, upcycling, and playing with new meduims. Art is so wonderful but in a world filled with "stuff" my goal is to create usable art, often taking discarded items and giving them new life. (Our leather earrings are all made from scraps that were being thrown away) I also strive to use natural materials so that we are not filling the earth with even more plastic and chemicals.

A little more about the human behind the shop...

I grew up in Weastern Washington (The Great PNW) and moved to Santa Fe, New Mexico at the age of 21 to persue weaving... I ended up working at a leather studio where I learned everything I know about leather craft and that gave me the confidence to start selling my own creations. :)

I love to take photos (mostly sunsets) and enjoy exploring nature. I like to play board games with a wonderful little group of friends but also like a quiet night in watching my favorite shows. When I am not making things to sell I am making things for me or as gifts... I am always busy with something!